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"I have been with Sandra for a year now. We still drink a glass of prosecco at the Italian restaurant like on our first date!"

"A wonderful experience. I met four ladies and the fourth time Cupid hit. I am adventurous, sporty and a real bon vivant. I have two sons from a previous marriage and was really looking for someone who understood this. When I Sandra met I almost immediately felt that it was all right. She was divorced like me and had children from a previous marriage. Besides many common ground and common interests I immediately felt that this was the woman I was looking for. We had a fantastic date and still order a glass of Italian prosecco when we go out for dinner like on our first date! "

58 years old, Antwerpen 


 “As an entrepreneur, I have very little time for dating. I really appreciate the efficient and pleasant way of working at Ciao."

"As an entrepreneur I have very little time to meet a new love. I ended up with Ciao via via and after the first conversation I was immediately convinced. The efficient and pleasant way of working are points that I greatly appreciate. At the moment I already have three nice dates behind us. No match yet, but I am sure that one of the next dates will be 'boenk' on it. "

42 years old, Leuven 


“At Ciao, they make their promises reality, give good and honest feedback and know how to work!”

28 years old, Brussel

"I always thought I could meet a nice man by keeping my ears and eyes open. But every nice man I met was either taken or we didn't click. Finally I signed up with Ciao and what a success! At Ciao they keep their promises, they give good and honest feedback and they know how to get things done! I have now met a nice man who clicks well and we have been happy together for 4 months now. "


"What will always stay with me when I think of  Ciao is the enormous commitment they have shown. Ciao has shown me that there is more than just a perfect picture."

I still find it strange to have found my dream woman through a dating agency. But what will always stay with me about Ciao is the enormous commitment you have shown. You showed me that there is more than just a perfect picture. The first date may not have been what I expected, but it turned out to be a bull's eye afterwards. In short, your help has opened my eyes and given me a new love. Thanks for that!"

51 years old, Hasselt 


"The experts at Ciao really take their time for you. It is an investment in yourself and your future partner!"

The experts at Ciao really take the time for you. After each date there was a feedback moment. They go over the date with you and carefully give tips. You gain a lot of knowledge and experience. It is an investment in yourself and your future partner!

36 years old, Leuven


"My matchmaker immediately put me at ease. She was very understanding and had a listening ear. It felt like we had been friends for years!"

28 years old, Brussel

"Mijn matchmaker stelde me meteen op m’n gemak. Ze was erg begripvol en luisterde aandachtig naar m’n verhaal. Het voelde alsof we al jaren vriendinnen waren! Ze was motiverend en gaf me dat extra zetje. Een sprong in het diepe, maar met houvast."


"The matchmakers are empathetic and motivating. I definitely recommend this organization!"

46 years old, Gent

Four years ago I lost my husband after a happy marriage. This was quite difficult for me and I thought that I would never be able to find a new partner again. After a tip from a friend, I ended up at Ciao. And how happy I am that I have embarked on this adventure! The team welcomed me with open arms and guided me all the way to finding my partner. The matchmakers are empathetic, motivating and give honest feedback. I definitely recommend this organization! "


"After my divorce, I didn't need a new woman  in my life right away. But after a while, I did miss the company of a partner. So I signed up at Ciao. The team helped me a lot."

"After my divorce, I did not immediately need another woman. I needed some time for myself. But after a while I missed the company of a partner. So I registered with Ciao. The team got me. really helped in various areas. First and foremost, through coaching, they helped me to form a clear picture of who I am and what I need. I think it is fantastic that the Ciao team takes ample time to You never have the feeling of being 'pushed'. It took a few months but now I have a new girlfriend and we are doing great. I want every single who is looking for a personal and quality service recommend registering with Ciao! "

46 years old, Gent


"At the fourth date me and my date hit it off and I met the love of my life! We both believe that Ciao offers a great experience and a discovery that we wish for every single!"

38 years old, Brugge

"After three encounters with very nice ladies through Ciao, I kept hoping to meet the right ones. The dates were very nice and insightful. The fourth meeting was a hit and I met the love of my life! We are both of the opinion that Ciao offers a beautiful experience and a discovery that we wish every single! "


"The Ciao team gave me back my confidence and curage to date! "

51 years old, Gent

"I felt at home with Ciao from the start. They are very involved, sincere and really empathetic with you throughout the dating process. They gave me the confidence to start dating again and most of all to see this as fun and exciting. ! It took a while but I've been with a wonderful man for a while now who makes me incredibly happy. Thank you so much Ciao Team! "

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